Teddy Fleck

140th District, House

Party: Libertarian

Education: Some college experience.

Previous political experience: Fleck ran for lieutenant governor for the Libertarian party in 2008. In 2000, he ran for state representative for the 138th district as a Republican and lost in the primaries. Fleck is also a member of the Traffic Advisory Board in Springfield.

Work experience: 13 years in the Army, truck driver. Used to own a small business.

Family: Married with eight grandchildren

Current occupation: Truck driver

Q: What is the most significant issue facing Missouri?

Fleck believes the most significant issue facing Missouri is the lack of jobs—“With the tough economy, we need to lower taxes to get small businesses to come back. We also need less regulations on businesses in general.”

Q: What are the top three items you would like to address as a legislator if (re)elected?

He wants to address taxes, smaller government, and more state’s rights if elected. “I want to reassert our 10th amendment rights.”

Q: Like other states, Missouri is facing difficult financial times. Where would you propose cutting the budget, and which items do you feel need to be preserved?

Fleck would work with all parties to handle the overall budget. “First of all, we need to get rid of projects that Missouri doesn’t need at this time. We need someone to say no to some projects. And each department would need to make a 10% cut and go from there. It’s just straight budget cuts. The people have been sacrificing for years, and it’s time for the government to do the same.”

Q: Why are you running for office?

Fleck is running for this office because he has always been interested in politics. “I just think we need representation from the blue-collar worker. It’s time for the working man to have some representation at the state level.”


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