Michael Hoeman

30th District, Senate

Party: Democrat

Education: B.A. and M.D. from the University of Missouri

Previous political experience: Springfield School Board, member

Work experience: Residency in Internal Medicine at University of Oklahoma – Tulsa Medical College, private practice at the Diagnostic Clinic

Family: Wife, Nancy, and three children: Melissa, Christopher, and Stephanie

Current Occupation: Doctor in private practice at the Diagnostic Clinic

Q: What is the most significant issue facing Missouri?

I think the most significant issue is the revenue picture and the fact that revenues are down.

Q: What are the top three items you would like to address as a legislator if elected?

If elected, I would like to address the way that the state approaches education. We need to start looking at education as a continuum, also including our approach on post-secondary education and higher education.  The second thing is I think we need to look at is job attraction and retention.  The state needs to be looking at ways they can help those job opportunities.  I also think that we need to look at how our social safety nets in the state work, particularly in health care and the Medicaid programs.  I think we need to be sure we are using those resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Q: Like other states, Missouri is facing difficult financial times. Where would you propose cutting the budget, and which items do you feel need to be preserved?

I think that first of all we need to look at our revenue picture and make sure our sources are being administered and utilized as effectively as they should be.  I’d like to see the legislator take a comprehensive look at our tax credits and make sure we are getting out of them what is intended.

Q: Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I feel like I have a great deal of real-life experience in a number of areas.  I’ve been a practicing physician for 26 years, and I have day-to-day contact with my patients and understand healthcare issues.  I have also been very involved with education here in Springfield through my kids and my wife and I have been involved in various school committee as well as my service on the board.  I have been a small business man, so I understand business development issues and economic development issues.  I feel that my real life experience over the past 27 years in Springfield has given me a breath and depth of knowledge that will serve our area and our community well in Jefferson City.


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