Bradley Stubbs

142nd District, House

Party: Libertarian

Education: Some high school

Previous political experience: Not held any public office yet

Work experience: Professional magician and property manager

Family: Single father of three children: Mackinzee, Charlie, Corey.

Current occupation: Magician, property manager, full-time single father

Q: What is the most significant issue facing Missouri?

Job loss and the proper ways of creating new jobs.

Q: What are the top three items you would like to address as a legislator if elected?

Creating jobs, fair health care for all Missourians and work on lowering the state’s budget and taxes but actually being for sure what changes in the budget or taxes doesn’t come back to haunt all of us Missourians like it had in the past.

Q: Like other states, Missouri is facing difficult financial times. Where would you propose cutting the budget, and which items do you feel need to be preserved?

I feel like we spend too much money on our highways and roads, so to answer that I’d rather drive thru pot holes then see a fellow Missourian without health insurance. I would love to be able to preserve the dare programs in schools by using money from those busts that are made to fund these programs. I’m sorry, but our law enforcement doesn’t need to be driving new Escalades, Durango’s, and Chargers. I think we need to control that spending to help preserve these prevention programs. I also feel that rural fire departments are not funded enough to help maintain their equipment and keep up with their training as are big city departments. Roll around in their limo trucks and use top of the line equipment and the best of training. As our rural departments do the same, many of which are volunteers with not a lot of respect or resources as the bigger cities, so I guess what I’m saying is if rural departments can use common sense with a lot less to do the same job then we need to look into the spending and funding of all departments.

Q: Why are you running for office?

First and foremost, to bring the rights of the voters back in their hands and also to preserve your independent freedom, not controlled by government.


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