Our mission

SGFNews hopes to improve the quality of journalism in the Ozarks by:

  • Complementing existing coverage of the local news media with original reporting.
  • Helping concerned citizens produce stories on issues that aren’t being covered.
  • Creating a forum for fact-based discussion of issues facing the region.
  • Highlighting the best efforts of local media to encourage responsible journalism.

About us

This site is a community-driven news organization led by Jonathan Groves, a former newspaper journalist and current assistant professor at Drury University, and Cheryl White, a graduate assistant majoring in communication at Drury.

We are incorporated as the Ozarks Community Journalism Foundation, a Missouri nonprofit corporation. We are currently working on our application with the IRS to become a 501(c)3 organization.

Each day, we provide a roundup of the best stories from the Springfield-area media. We intentionally avoid most crime and accident/fire stories, and try to highlight the stories that better represent what’s happening in the Ozarks.

We plan on focusing our original coverage on specific issues. In our first year, we have focused on the 7th District election and the Springfield smoking ordinance, and we plan on looking at key topics from the Community Focus report created by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Junior League of Springfield, the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield-Greene County Library District, and United Way of the Ozarks.


The Community Foundation of the Ozarks serves as our fiscal agent, and donations for this project may be made at the foundation’s site by specifying the Ozarks Community Journalism Foundation as the recipient.

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