Daily brief (7/28): Top picks from the Springfield media

The string of hot days continues today, with sunny skies and a high of 99.

The forecast holds little hope for rain over the next few days. Expect highs around the 100-degree mark and few clouds. No rain is expected through Wednesday, although the nights will be partly cloudy.

Top picks

  • KSMU: CU customers urged to conserve water.Water supplies for City Utilities of Springfield are at 74 percent, and officials are urging customers to conserve water as the area remains under extreme drought conditions. (Other coverage: KY3, KSPR,OzarksFirst)
  • News-Leader: Ozark Empire Fair kicks off 2012 run. Fried foods remain a staple of the 76th annual Ozark Empire Fair. Among this year’s highlights: fried Oreo cookies and fried coconut creme pie. (Other coverage: KY3, OzarksFirst)
  • OzarksFirst: Ozark, Nixa Walmart stores among those evacuated after threat.Calls to Walmart stores in Nixa and Ozark as well as others in Missouri and Oklahoma led to evacuations of customers and employees for about an hour on Friday. (Other coverage: KY3, KSPR, News-Leader)

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