Podcast (10/13): The Missouri Republican caucuses

The Missouri Republican Party recently voted to switch from a primary to a caucus for selecting its presidential candidate in 2012.

Under the new system, the party will select delegates through a multilevel process:

  • County level caucuses (March 17, 2012): Each county will hold a caucus to select delegates for the congressional district convention. The number of delegates will be determined by the turnout from the last presidential election.
  • Congressional district conventions (April 21, 2012): Each congressional district will have a convention, and the county delegates will choose three delegates and alternates for the national convention, as well as one presidential elector. These delegates will be required to declare allegiance to a specific candidate.
  • State convention (June 2, 2012): The county delegates will select 25 at-large delegates and alternates to the national convention, as well as three presidential electors.

To understand the impact of the switch, I spoke with Dr. Daniel Ponder, associate professor of political science at Drury University. Here’s Part I of the interview:


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  1. […] presidential primary won‘t count. The Missouri Republican Party has voted to go for a caucus system for awarding its delegates, but the state still put primary candidates on the Feb. 7 […]

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