Daily brief (8/23): Top picks from the Springfield media

There’s a 40 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms today.

Otherwise, it will be partly sunny and hot, with a high of 92. The heat index could hit 96, but a strong breeze with gusts of up to 20 mph will help some.

Tomorrow, the chance of showers dips to 20 percent, and it will be hotter, with a high approaching 96.

Today’s picks

  • KY3: Greensburg, Kan., provides glimpse of rebuilding future for Joplin. Four years ago, Greensburg, Kan., was devastated by an EF-5 tornado. Now, much of the town has been rebuilt, but the process has taken time and persistence.
  • KSMU: City Council hears opinions on petition targeting illegal immigration. A local group called the Ozarks Minutemen wants to enforce use of E-Verify by all employers. But some critics at Monday’s City Council meeting contended the proposal would do more harm than good. (Other coverage: News-Leader, OzarksFirst, KY3, KSPR)
  • News-Leader: Republic school meeting draws protesters. Dozens from the community came out Monday to challenge the Republic school officials after a lawsuit was filed contending the district ignored rape allegations by a student. The school board also agreed to revisit a decision to remove two books from the library. (Other coverage: KY3, OzarksFirst, KSPR)
  • News-Leader: Some struggling with high utility bills. August’s extended heat wave has led to a rash of large utility bills and threats of service disconnections.

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