Daily brief (6/9): Top picks from the Springfield media

Today will mostly sunny, with a high about 90. Tonight will be mild, with temperatures dipping to 68.

A chance of showers and thunderstorms moves into the forecast tomorrow, with chances increasing into the evening hours. Thunderstorms are likely this weekend, with temperatures dipping into the 80s on Sunday.

Today’s picks

  • News-Leader, KY3: Aggressive fungus compounds tornado trauma. Some tornado survivors have contracted a rare and sometimes deadly fungal infection called zygomycosis. Doctors believe it may stem from soil and dust embedded in survivors’ skin by the tornado. (Other Joplin stories: Death toll hits 151: OzarksFirst; Home sellers in Joplin find big demand: KY3, News-Leader)
  • OzarksFirst [KOLR/KSFX]: Decision on smoking-ban injunction expected tomorrow. Greene County Associate Circuit Judge Jason Brown is expected to decide Friday on the injunction to stop Springfield’s smoking ban from going into effect this weekend. (Other coverage: KSPR, News-Leader)
  • KSMU: MU study raises concerns about additive in food containers. A new study by a University of Missouri scientist highlights the concern that many food and drink containers are made with a potentially harmful chemical called BPA.
  • OzarksFirst: Meeting tonight in Bolivar on earthquake planning. Residents can find out about planning for an earthquake at 6 tonight at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bolivar (1405 W. Fair Play St.)

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