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Daily brief (2/25): Top picks from the Springfield media

CloudyToday will be cloudy and colder, with a high of 38.

But the low temperatures won’t last long. After a cold start Saturday, temperatures will rise into the 60s. It will be breezy, though, with gusts of up to 21 mph.

Today’s picks:

  • KY3: Christian County is the state’s fastest growing county. U.S. Census numbers show Christian County grew 42 percent between 2000 and 2010, to 77,422. (Other coverage: News-Leader, OzarksFirst, KSPR)
  • News-Leader: Strafford doesn’t make big calendar changes. Backing off from earlier proposals, the Strafford School District will keep to a relatively standard school year. (Other coverage: OzarksFirst)
  • KY3: Missouri battling synthetic drugs on several fronts. Soon after Missouri banned K2, or synthetic marijuana, alternatives popped up. Now, some state lawmakers hope to put a stop to those chemicals as well.
  • (Other coverage: Three-part series from OzarksFirst)

  • KSMU: Libyan woman watches turmoil from the Ozarks. A 41-year-old who now lives in Nixa still has family in Libya, and she fears what might happen to them as turmoil hits her home country.
  • News-Leader: CU has more than 100 candidates for general manager. The committee searching for a new general manager of City Utilities has heard from 113 applicants interested in the municipal utility’s top spot.

2 Responses

  1. Wow. Really surprised you linked to KY’s synthetic pot story today versus KOLR’s yesterday, which was more in-depth. Kinda looks like you pick faves.

  2. Have to agree with you on that one. As far as “faves” go, I try to link to everyone’s coverage (which I failed to do in this case — an oversight I’ve since fixed) and I make an effort to balance the “best choices” so that you get the best choice from each outlet.

    There are days, though, when some news organizations don’t have anything that really rises up there.

    Thanks for the note.

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