Word cloud of 7th District debate (Oct. 7)


We have created a word cloud of the 7th District debate from Oct. 7 (using Wordle.net).

A big SGFNews thank-you goes to Drury student Allyson Strickland, who transcribed the Oct. 7 debate, co-sponsored by KOLR-TV and KWTO-AM. The analysis includes all spoken words, including those of the candidates (Libertarian Kevin Craig, Democrat Scott Eckersley, and Republican Billy Long), the moderator and interviewers.

A few observations:

  • “Think” figures so prominently because so many of the responses included the phrase “I think.”
  • “Mr” shows up because moderator Mike Peters and the interviewers addressed the candidates with courtesy titles.
  • “Craig,” “Eckersley,” and “Long” are all about the same size, meaning their names were mentioned about equally during the debate.
  • “Federal” and “Government” were two of the largest words.

We will be highlighting excerpts over the next couple of days. The full text is available for download here.


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