Daily brief (9/24): Top picks from the Springfield media

The rain should be ending by 7 this morning, clearing the way for a nice Friday: Partly sunny skies with a high near 79.

Though I don’t usually highlight crime stories, the local media have devoted much time and resources to covering the Jackie Johns murder trial. Last night, a jury found Gerald L. Carnahan guilty of rape and murder for her death in 1985. (News-Leader, OzarksFirst (KOLR/KSFX), KY3, KSPR). Interesting note: KSPR’s story is written by Ron Davis, longtime reporter/writer in the Ozarks who worked for the News-Leader and KSMU.

Today’s picks:

  • OzarksFirst (KOLR/KSFX): DNR cites dozens for water violations. Forty-nine water systems, including several in the Ozarks, have been cited for repeated violations of Missouri’s clean-drinking-water laws.
  • KY3: Owners offer reward after 72 cows, 78 calves disappear in Dade County. A South Greenfield man is charged with stealing 14 cows that weren’t his.
  • KSPR: Insurance companies urge patience as new health-care laws go into effect. Among the changes: Cox Health Plans has temporarily stopped offering independent insurance to children under 19.
  • News-Leader: Repairs being considered for Riverside Bridge. The historic one-lane bridge in Christian County was shut down Tuesday after county officials deemed the Finley River crossing unsafe for traffic.

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