Proposed revisions to Springfield's smoking ordinance filed

A proposed ordinance (Full text PDF) filed June 22 with the city of Springfield would eliminate smoking in all public places, including all workplaces, sports facilities and nursing homes.

A first reading of the bill — cosponsored by Mayor Jim O’Neal, and councilmembers Dan Chiles, Cindy Rushefsky, and John Rush — is on the agenda for the Monday, June 28, council meeting. Citizens may address the council.

Current city code already prohibits smoking in a number of areas, including libraries, areas of commercial establishments open to the public, and public areas of the city’s airport and bus terminals.

Among the proposed additions to Chapter 58, Article I, Section 58-1 of the city code are:

  • Any enclosed public place in the city
  • All entertainment, recreation and sports facilities
  • All parks

It also removes all exemptions for restaurants and bars.

What do you think of the proposed ordinance? Share your thoughts here.


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  1. Welcome to our site! I hope you’ll join the conversation, and let us know what you think about the proposed ordinance. Thanks, Jonathan

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